Stock Picks Under 5 Dollars

Free daily list of best stocks under $5 to trade. This list provided both long and short positions. Please review the short term direction and stock rating for your research.

DateSymbolCompanyTechnical IndicatorRatingEntry Price
02/21/2018CDMOPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.SELLCDMO rating2.53
Free daily stock picks for 02/21/2018, best stocks under $5 February 2018. View the complete list of free daily stock picks.

Recent Stock Picks for Stocks Under $5

DateSymbolCompanyTechnical IndicatorRatingEntry Price
02/20/2018CDMOPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.SELLCDMO rating2.49
02/16/2018CDMOPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.SELLCDMO rating2.37
02/15/2018ELGXEndologix, Inc.SELLELGX rating3.79
02/15/2018RMBLRumbleON, Inc.SELLRMBL rating3.74
02/13/2018RMBLRumbleON, Inc.SELLRMBL rating3.95
02/13/2018JAKKJAKKS Pacific, Inc.SELLJAKK rating2.30
02/13/2018PETXAratana Therapeutics, Inc.SELLPETX rating4.11
02/12/2018GLUUGlu Mobile Inc.SELLGLUU rating3.25
02/12/2018LLEXLilis Energy Inc.SELLLLEX rating3.20
02/12/2018PETXAratana Therapeutics, Inc.SELLPETX rating4.10
02/12/2018SITOSITO Mobile, Ltd.SELLSITO rating4.79