Stock Picks Under 50 Dollars

Free daily list of best stocks under $50 to trade. This list provided both long and short positions. Please review the short term direction and stock rating for your research. This is the list for list of stocks under 50 dollars, best stocks under $50 2018, best stocks buy under 50 dollars, and best stocks sell under 50 dollars.

DateSymbolCompanyTechnical IndicatorRatingEntry Price
06/15/2018AQAquantia Corp.BUYAQ rating12.50
06/15/2018CMCSAComcast CorporationBUYCMCSA rating33.82
06/15/2018PUGOYPEUGEOT SABUYPUGOY rating24.79
06/15/2018SSRMSilver Standard Resources Inc.BUYSSRM rating10.68
06/15/2018TRMBTrimble Inc.BUYTRMB rating35.40
06/15/2018NMFCNew Mountain Finance CorporationSELLNMFC rating13.53
06/15/2018TCPCTCP Capital Corp.SELLTCPC rating14.49
Free daily stock picks for 06/15/2018, best stocks under $50 June 2018. View the complete list of free daily stock picks.

Recent Stock Picks for Stocks Under $50

DateSymbolCompanyTechnical IndicatorRatingEntry Price
06/14/2018DBXDROPBOX INC-ABUYDBX rating31.67
06/14/2018SCIService Corporation InternationalSELLSCI rating35.31
06/14/2018FLKSFlex Pharma, Inc.SELLFLKS rating1.04
06/14/2018FXTGYFoxtons Group PLC Unsponsored ADRSELLFXTGY rating1.55
06/13/2018NRPNatural Resource Partners LPBUYNRP rating33.60
06/13/2018MCHXMarchex, Inc.BUYMCHX rating2.95
06/13/2018ORRFOrrstown Financial Services IncSELLORRF rating25.80
06/12/2018APAApache CorporationBUYAPA rating44.59
06/12/2018GISGeneral Mills, Inc.BUYGIS rating44.42
06/12/2018VICLVical IncorporatedSELLVICL rating1.21
06/12/2018RCIIRent-A-Center, Inc.BUYRCII rating10.90